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Runner’s knee

Runners are at particular risk for developing issues with the iliotibial band (the tendon sheath that runs on the outside of the thigh) adjacent to the lateral femoral epicondyle (the outside of the femoral end down at the knee). This is a condition called ”runner’s knee”, and is an overload of the iliotibial band. Pain will be felt on the outside of the knee joint. From the pelvis, the iliotibial band extends to where it attaches just below the knee joint. Problems may be caused by friction between the iliotibial band and the outer part of the femur at the knee joint due to overtraining commonly seen with large amounts of running. The risk of being affected increases if you are bowlegged. Unbalanced strain in the ankle and uncoordinated downhill running can also have a negative effect. Excessive pronation of the foot and severe tightness in the iliotibial band are other conditions that may play a part.

Ortolab insoles:

By supporting the foot’s natural shock absorption – both through the heel cushion’s shock absorption and by promoting optimal movement of the two foot arches – harmful overpronation is reduced, which in turn reduces the strain placed on the knees.

Where can I buy your products?

For our individually molded insoles, see the menu ”Fitting” at the top of the page. You can order Ortolab AFS in our shop.