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Inflammation of the heel cushion

If you experience pain under the heel during exercise, it is highly likely that the fat pad under the heel has been flattened and/or lost its elasticity. The heel bone may have been exposed to excessive shock during footfall, causing pain. Shock damage or intense repeated load on the heel can cause bleeding in the fat pad, and the connective tissue that holds the fat pad in place may have been damaged. Shock absorption decreases when damage to the fat pad has occurred. As a result, the heel bone is irritated. It is common to sustain this type of injury for example when running on hard surfaces or as a result of kicks against the heel.
Inflammation of the heel cushion can occur from excessive strain or due to force exerted on the foot. A mucous sac located between the heel bone and the heel cushion may produce pain and inflammation when overloaded with strain. The heel cushion can become very sore due to inflammation and pain to the point where it becomes impossible to run and sometimes even to walk. It is not uncommon for inflammation to occur in both heels at the same time. Long-distance runners with high arches may be particularly susceptible to this injury.

Ortolab insoles:

The shock-absorbing material under the heel and the cup shape that holds the sides of the heel together recreate the function of the heel cushion. Our top-of-the-line Ortolab HGP Individ model offers extra shock absorption. In addition, we can fashion a special pocket for the pain point in the heel of the insoles filled with extra shock-absorbing material (HGP).

Where can I buy your products?

For our custom-fitted insoles, see the menu ”Fitting” at the top of the page. You can order Ortolab AFS from our e-shop.